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Category: Miscellaneous Jokes

Why do witches hysterically laugh whenever they fly with their brooms?

They don’t wear underwear, so the brooms tickle them.



Category: Lawyer Jokes

A lawyer’s name was Strange. When he died his friend asked the tombstone maker to write, “Here lies Strange, an honest person, and a lawyer.”

The tombstone maker warned that this statement can be very confusing, as anyone who passes by grave would think that three men were buried in a single grave. However, he suggested another statement, “Here lies a person who was not only honest but also a good lawyer.»

This way, whenever people walk by his grave and read it, they will say, “That’s strange!”



Category: Wife Jokes

Two old men are sitting on a park bench. One says, «So how’s your wife?»

The other man replies, «I think she’s dead.»

«You THINK she’s dead?»

«Well, the sex is about the same but the dishes are piling up.»



Category: Yo Momma Jokes

Yo momma is so fat, stupid, and ugly they wrote a book about her titled «Don’t Let This Happen To You!»




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