Puns and jokes-English


   Why do cows have bells? Because they’retheirthereI don’t know horns don’t work.
a horn is also the thing in a vehicle that you use to make a warning noise, in French: klaxon 


   What starts with P ends with E and has millionmillionsI don’t know of letters?   The Post Office


How muchmanyI don’t know letters are there in the alphabet?

24 because E.T. went home.


 WhatWhichWhoI don’t know has many keys but can’t open any door?  a piano
a key: une clé     a key: une touche du clavier d’un piano      


   Why did this man threwthrownthrowI don’t know his clock?    He wanted to see time fly.
         fly: voler      time flies: expression pour dire que le temps passe vite


   Which is fastierfastermore fastI don’t know, heat or cold? Heat because you can catch a cold.
 to catch: attraper    I’ll try to catch the cat.    To catch a cold: s’enrhumer, attraper un rhume


English is a strange language, there is no egg in the eggplant and eitherneitherI don’t know pine nor apple in the pineapple


If a man was bornhas been bornis bornI don’t know in China went to Brazil and
died in Egypt , what would he be?


Did your father help you with your homework? Yes, he did it all by herselfitselfhimselfI don’t know


  A bicycle can’t stand on itsit’sI don’t know own because it is two-tired.
tire is the American spelling of tyre (pneu)     two-tired: qui a 2 pneus    too tired: trop fatiguée


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