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Welcome to the tickling space of Mallik
“A day without laughter is a day wasted” — Charlie Chaplin.

And here you find a personality

who fills each and every moment with humour

and who wishes to see no one, especially no Telugu, should waste one’s day!

He is none other than our Mallik, noted cartoonist and humour writer.


Cartoonist Mallik



Andhra Bhoomi
Andhra Prabha
Andhra Patrika


Women’s Era

Most Poular


He is widely known as Cartoonist Mallik to Telugu people of almost all the ages.

The instrument scribbles, if not, wits…

In thousands of cartoons drawn by Mallik, every stroke makes you laugh.

His countless works were published in most popular periodicals.

           Monthlies            Kids’ Magazines

           Jyothi          Bala Jyothi (Telugu)
            Yuva           Champak (Published in all Indian Languages)

Humour Writer

Humour is always a subdued element to weave a script in his style.

Short Stories

More than 500 short stories were published in various Telugu magazines.
75% percent of the stories were comedy scripts.

  • Satirical Feature ‘Navvite Nava Ratnalu’ – based on a short story every week, was published incessantly for 11 years (1984 – 1995)  in Andhra Bhoomi, then number one magazine.
Serial Novel

Numerous humour novels penned by Mallik were published as serial novels in Telugu weeklies.

  • ‘Parugo Parugu’ and ‘Jeevitame Oka Dhamal’ were chosen as scripts for Telugu movies. He also provided plot for some other Telugu movies.

(His contribution to Telugu cinema includes sketches and cartoons for publicity of the movies ‘Money’ & ‘Sisindri’.)


Playwright: All India Radio broadcasted 30 comedy playlets written by Mallik, which include the very popular play ‘Imported Camera’.

AIR National Channel broadcasted the play that was selected for All India Drama Festival when Mallik was twenty plus.

Also participated in various radio programs.

Tele Serials  

 Comedy scripts for the serial episodes telecasted by popular Telugu TV channels.

  • Funnies (E TV)
  • Amrutham (Gemini TV)
  • Sundari Neevekkada (E TV)
  • Preminchukundam Raa (MAA TV)
  • Andhra Andagallu (Gemini TV)
  • Aavida Naa Bharya Kaadu (E TV)

Amrutham is a trendsetter and with great viewership, stood as one of the TOP 10 popular TV shows of Telugu channels.
(Unlike daily serials, weekly serials are not best income sources for production houses.
Generally, Content owners/ Ad agencies go to Mumbai in search of sponsors.
But, with immense popularity of the show ‘Amrutam’ sponsors approached production team.)


Beyond mere interest, with admiration towards music, Mallik tried to gratify the musician inside.

After graduating in Hindustani Classical Music (Sitar Indtrument), from Vivek Vardhini Gandharva Vidyalay, he went on with LIVE (on Radio) solo concerts.

Since cartoons & writing are his first options as an artist he could not justify his exuberance for music.

Chief Editor of the Largest Telugu Portal
Meet happiness!

Switch on the radio, TORI- TeluguOne Radio on Internet you can listen to his comedy special.
He is not far off from your living rooms, your office desks and your hearts.

Reach Mallik at   

   +91 40 23757192/3 (India)
   +1 202 204 0474 (USA)
  eMail : &



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