Knock Knock Jokes — Funny English Jokes


The knock-knock joke is probably the best-known kind of joke in the UK.   It’s a like a role play for two people.

  • The person telling the joke says «Knock, knock!»
  • The second person says, «Who’s there? «
  • The person telling the joke usually gives someone’s name. For example: «Juliet.»
  • The second person repeats the name, followed with who?  For example: «Juliet who?»
  • The person telling the joke then delivers the punch line, which typically involves a pun.  For example: «Juliet me in?»  (Do you let me in?)

So — Here are some of the best knock knock jokes I know, with explanations if you need them:-

A. Knock, knock.
B. Who’s there?
A. Anita.
B. Anita who?
A. Anita ride to work.  (I need a ride to work.)

A. Knock, knock.
B. Who’s there?
A. Isabelle.
B. Isabelle who?
A. Isabelle a ding dong?  (Is a bell a ding dong?)

A. Knock knock.
B. Who’s there?
A. Keith
B. Keith who?
A. Keith me thweetheart!  (Kiss me sweetheart.)

A. Knock Knock
B. Who’s there?
B. KGB wh—
A. (SLAP!) We will ask the questions!

A. Knock knock.
B.  Who’s there?
A. Lettuce
B. Lettuce who?
A. Lettuce in.  (Let us in.)

Do you think yours are funnier? Well feel free to add them, if they’re good enough, I’ll put them on the page.

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