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I love teaching English and I am happy to provide these free lessons to English language students around the world. Do you wanna contact me? The following are a few ways for you to contact me and say hi.

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From YOUR English Teacher
Howie Hayman

Come and meet the family

We moved to a small island, Tanegashima, Japan. Please visit my personal blog to see pictures of my family and this beautiful island. This is also good English reading practice. Everybody is welcome.

Thank you very much

Fun Easy English is a free online English language learning resource. There is no registration and nothing to join. Thank you very much for visiting. Teachers, please tell your students about Fun Easy English, and Students, please tell your Friends. Thanks again.

Fun Easy English Lessons

Confused????….I made this really cool dictionary page with new words, stories, games, and more….updated daily. (page opens to a new window)


Read about world holidays and take reading comprehension tests. Then read cool stories about America.


Learn Fun Easy English pronunciation, grammar, slang, idioms, and more. Free Daily English Lessons.


The Fun Easy English American English Conversation lessons consist of five programs and are fantastic for improving your English reading, listening, and speaking skills.


Become a better speaker and learn the 44 sounds of American English. These are complete lessons including audio, video, spelling information, and new vocabulary.


Sound more like a native American English speaker and use reductions. These are not real words in English. Reductions are combined words used in everyday conversation.


Tons of fun easy reading activities about holidays, America, jokes, songs, classic novels, science and much more.


A collection of Fun Easy English activities obtained from various sources. These activities are all PDF pages that can easily be printed.


Grammar sucks but you need to know the rules if you want to speak and write English correctly. A complete list of grammar topics along with over a hundred topic specific lessons.

Everyday Grammar TV

Grammar videos from the Everyday Grammar TV program. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great listening and reading practice.


Want to talk with those crazy Americans? Then you need to learn a lot of idioms.


These online TV and video programs will make it easier for you to become a better English listener.


This is a collection of 1,500 words that every English language student should know. Now with news words and videos.


Learn some new English vocabulary using simple English and flashcards.


Learn to write the letters of the English alphabet correctly.

Alphabet 4 Kids

A really nice Fun Easy way for kids to learn the English alphabet.


This study section focuses on ways to improve your methods of studying English.


This is a complete list of the videos in Fun Easy English. Introducing my wife Akiko, and Mr. A. Lee En….AKA Alien.


Speak YOUR mind and comment on important topics.


Test your English language skills and take tests in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and pronunciation.


Want to understand American movies, music videos, and more? Then you need to learn a lot of slang.


These flashcards cover topics like fruits and vegetables, animals, and the weather.


Learn the meaning of acronyms like LOL — FYI — WTF — AKA and hundreds more.


A portmanteau is when parts of multiple words are combined into a new word, as in smog, by blending smoke and fog. Many of these words will really SURPRISE YOU.

News Words

Learn to correctly pronounce difficult world places and names in the news.


Do you believe in CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING? Reading practice for advanced students.

All About America
Living in the U.S.

America is the most visited country in the world and American English is the English most international students choose to learn.

Short-Term Study

The United States offers a wide range of short-term study programs lasting 12 months or less.

Undergraduate Study

The undergraduate education system explained: information on types of institutions, degrees, liberal arts, schedules, and grading.

Graduate Study

The graduate education system explained: masters degrees, doctoral degrees and why a degree from the United States matters.


What makes an American so arrogant? This page explains what to expect when meeting Americans.

Social Customs

What makes an American so arrogant? This page explains what to expect when meeting Americans, from dating to putting on perfume and smelling nice.

Language Problems

What should you do if Americans cannot understand your English? This page give you some advice on dealing with language problems.


An American vacation can be a wonderful thing. It can also be awful if you do the wrong thing. Read the way to stay safe while you are visiting America.


Who should pay when you eat with a friend at a restaurant? This page offers a bit of information.


Some information about the types of stores you might find while traveling to America.

Travel America

Planning to travel to America? Learn about the beautiful National Parks. Great reading practice.

Drive America

Planning to drive in America? Learn the rules and regulations. Great reading practice.

About America

Learn about the fascinating history and government of the United States of America.

U.S. Citizen

Lessons include content on American government and American history.


About Learning English
John Kerry on English

Former secretary of state John Kerry talks about why learning English is so important.

Comic About Learning English

Teacher: English is very important for your work and for your life.

Student: English is very difficult. I don’t understand it. I cannot study and I’m scared.

Teacher: Calm down. English is very important for your university studies and it can help you achieve your goals.

Daily Crossword
Crossword of the Day

This is a really nice way to learn new vocabulary. Follow the easy instructions and solve the puzzle.

The puzzle updates automatically every day. Return tomorrow for a new vocabulary challenge.


• Click in any of the white squares in the window above
• The squares for the word will become blue
• Type a letter in each of the blue squares to form a word
• Click «Reveal Letter» to get help for one square
• Click «Reveal Word» to get help for one word
• Click «Show Error» to show your mistakes
• Use a dictionary if you cannot understand a word
• Check again tomorrow for a new crossword

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