English Teacher

kiran recently join the new school and in the first day. english teacher asked him
What does your father do?
kiran: whatever my mom says


kiran:sir i need to go to bathroom
Teacher: first say about A B C D’s then only
kiran: A B C D E F G H I J  K L M N O    Q R S T U  V W X Y Z
Teacher: hmmm you forget the P
kiran: no sir i didn’t it’s running down my leg

                                         ATM password

Niran was drawing money from Nepal Bank by  ATM, Kiran behind him said Ha! Ha! Haaa! i’ve seen your password
Its 4 asterisks( **** )
thenNiran replied Ha! Ha! Haaa! you are wrong Its «9849»

kiran was the class teacher of the kindergarden. at the end  of the school year,the pupils used togive gift to teacher so, at first florist’s daughter handed a gift, he shook it held it overhead and said.i know what is it. it’s flower right. girl said that’s right.

the next pupil was candy shop owner’s son, kiran held his gift overhead, shook it and said.i know what is it, its a box of sweet. yes sir said pupil. but how do you know teacher, «oh just a wild guess»

the next gift was from the son of the liquor store owner. kiran held the packet overhead, but it was leaking, he touched a drop of the leakage in the finger and touched to her tongue. it’s a wine he said. the pupil said no no sir. again kiran taking large drop of leakage to the tongue and said it’s a champange? pupil said no. kiran takes one more drops before declaring, «i give up» what is it?   with the great glee, the boy replied » it’s a PUPPY»

                                       How to write 99

kiran: niran write 99
Niran: how?
kiran: write 9 and another 9 beside it.
niran write 9 and stopped
kiran: what are you waiting for
niran: i don’t know which side to write another 9

                                          Three turtle 
Three turtle decided to go to picnic. they manages every thing and start their journey.and when they reched the picnic spot they realise that they have forgotten the soda.the oldest turtle said who would go to home and brought soda. the young one said i will go if you all didn’t eat the sandwiches until i got back. the youngest turtle goes but a week went by, then a month, finally a year, when two turtle said «oh, come on let’s eat the sandwiches, now he won’t come». suddenly the little turtle popped up from the rock and said, » if you do, i won’t go!»


niran: can you guess how many coins do i have?
kiran: if i guess right then will you give me one of them?
niran: if you guess right, i will give you both of them

                                        Home work

math teacher: kiran did you make this homework by yourself or your dad help you to make this

kiran: no sir he did it all by himself.

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