A Love Story: Easy-to-Understand Jokes at English-Zone.Com

At a cocktail party, the hostess overheard the conversation of a handsome gentleman and his friend.

«Oh, I really love her. I adore her,» said the handsome gentleman.

«I would love her too, if she were mine,» agreed his friend.

«I love the way she walks, and the way she moves, and her eyes are a beautiful brown color.»

«You’re very lucky,» said his friend.

«And do you know what I like the best?» asked the gentleman. «I love the way she kisses my ear.»

«Sir,» the hostess said, «I couldn’t help listening to your lovely words. In this day of divorce, I respect a man who loves his wife so much!»

«My wife?!» said the gentleman, very surprised. «I was talking about my champion race horse!

I don’t understand this joke!

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