Here’s some definitions (some of these are rude by the way, because we have some very inventive and old Saxon words for rude things). Alot of our slang is now becoming more Americanised however, like people using the word ‘cop’ to mean policeman:

Twigs and berries, strawberry creams, gentleman sausage – don’t exist, it was invented by an American for films. Meat and two veg does exist, meaning penis and testicles.

Twat: can be – a thick idiot, a gay bloke, a punch or smack, or a vagina.

Pants, does not mean ‘panties’ The word for that is ‘knickers’. Pants means underwear. Trousers means what Americans call pants.

Ponce can be: a pimp, an effeminate bloke, a gay bloke or a poser.

Spuds: potatos
Taters: potatos
Ruby: curry
Chinky: Chinese food
Chips: these are NOT French fries. chips are much thickers than fries. Fries are called fries here too. Chips will be found in a chip shop, not in Maccy D’s.
Fanny about: to mess about.
Shag: sex
Wank: masturbate
Muff: vagina
Flange: vagina
Tit-head: idiot
Smeg: knob cheese
Dump: deficate
Slash: urinate
James: James Hunt is a rhyming slang.
Plod/Old Bill/Rozzers: police
Copper: policeman (NOT ‘cop’ as the tabloids now call them)

Words for foreginers. these are actually slang and jest words, not racial slurs, but these days they are seen as offensive. Some of these are also used in the US of course:
Chink: Chinaman
Nips: Japanese
Kraut/Fritz: German
Ivan: Russian
Yanks: Americans
Frog: Frenchman
Paddy: Irishman
Taff/sheep shagger: Welshman
Jock: Scotsman
I-ties: Italians
Aussies: Australians
Pakis (really a racist term, but originally just slang. Do NOT use this, but simply because you will no doubt hear people use it): Anyone from South and west Asia, Indian Sub-continent, but from the name Pakistan.

Chin-wag: Chat
Gobbledegook: Words which make no sense or don’t seem to.
Taxi: cab
Pavement: sidewalk
Torch: flashlight
Boot: trunk (of a car)
Gary: Rhyming slang again… Gary Glitter… your arsehole.
Cheesed off: Pissed off
Pissed off: pissed
Pissed: drunk
Pisser: toilet
Bog: toilet
Cellar: Basement
Loft: attic
Kosher: real, legitimate
Couldn’t care less: for some reason in the US this is ‘could care less’
Pikey/gippo: Gypsey/”traveller”
The Pond: The Atlantic Ocean
Septics: Yanks (not because we think you have diseases, but because the USA ‘infects’ everywhere else with its culture)
Lipski: Pole (old)
Half-inching: Stealing
Nicking: stealing
Nicked: can be stolen or arrested
Twatted: drunk or punched
Brick it: shit yourself from fear
Leg it: Run off
Arm and a leg: Very expensive
Bell end: Not actually a penis, just the bell shaped end (glans)
Japs eye: pee-hole
Dab hand: highly skilled
Dingbat: Idiot
Doughnut: idiot
Dustbin: trashcan
Tonsil tennis: tongue kissing
Jumper: sweater
Jersey: jumper
Tight-arse/Scrooge/Stingey: Miserly
Hard-nut: tough bloke
Barney: trouble/argument
Dilly-dally: Waste time, hang about getting nothing done
Bloke/geezer/chap: man
Bird: woman
Send into Coventry: ignore, shun
Brew: cup of tea
Bevvy: alcoholic drink
Botch job: cheap, badly dont work
Bodge it: do it badly on the cheap

Use of swear words in Britain, particularly England.

Various swear words are used outside of offending people. The most commonly used words are ‘bollocks’, ‘shit’, and, strangely to a lot of Americans, ‘c*nt’.

Bollocking: telling off
Bollocksed: pissed (i.e. drunk)
Bollocks: rubbish, made-up, stupid, bull shit
The bollocks: the best, excellent
Drop a bollock: screw up
Bollocks: testicles
Bollocks: exclaimation
You can also ‘shout your bollocks off’, or tell someone ‘bollocks to that’ if you don’t fancy doing something, etc

Bollocks is a very British word really, as we can use it for so many things. We’re strange like that…

Shit-faced: very drunk
Shitting it: scared
Shit: normal US usage
Shit-head: speaks for itself this one!
Up shit creek: In a big dilemma
Shit-stirrer: one who spreads rumours
Shite: shit
Shitter: toilet
Shit: mess, stuff

C*nt is used in various ways: For vagina, term of endearment, rude name for someone, someone who’s winding you up or annoying you is ‘being c*ntish’. Something that is very hard is ‘a right c*nt’.