Most people have faith in the intelligence of mankind, but if you read our article featuring 16 of the funniest help desk tickets as told by IT pros, or these other real help desk mishaps, your trust in humanity might have faltered a bit.

Unfortunately for the IT pros who have to fix computer problems, there’s seemingly no end to human error when using tech.But fortunately for everyone reading this post,  many of these stories are pure comedy gold.

Please enjoy these completely true funny help desk stories from the Spiceworks Community… and be glad you aren’t the one working

  • I had a user come up to me and ask why their computer would not turn on. I go over to the desk and notice a pool of water so I immediately unplug the computer and lift it up. Water came pouring out of the side vents so the user says “oh ya I spilled water on my desk, could that be the problem?”
  • Person entering data on a floppy disk was told that she had to make a copy at the end of every day to provide a backup. About 6 months later, the disk became corrupt; so the technician asked if she had the copies. She opened a filing cabinet drawer and pulled out a stack of paper; on every sheet was a photocopy of the disk.
  • I was walking through an office one day and a user said to me, “At last! It’s taken you long enough. I pressed F1 (help button) over 2 hours ago!”
  • I got a call about a monitor not working. When going through the standard debugging steps, user said there were no lights, he could not find the power button, etc, etc. Then I ask, “Is there actually a monitor on the desk”, and answer was “no.” Someone had moved it.
  • Once upon a time I had a user receive an email that our anti-virus software promptly quarantined. The user was frantic, “I must have that email!” I said, “I’m sorry, it has a virus. You’ll have to contact the guy who sent it, have him clean his computer of viruses, and resend.” He replied, “Can’t you just turn off anti-virus long enough for me to get this email?”
  • I had a guy complaining that his computer had been hacked (of course every time anything strange ever goes wrong, it’s been “hacked”) because whenever he booted the computer, opened a program, closed a program, whatever, the entire theme song to Reading Rainbow would play. The computer hadn’t been hacked, he had just left it unattended and someone came by and set every single Windows sound to play the whole song. I changed the theme and was done. Lesson learned: never leave a computer unattended because there are tricksters out there!
  • One of my favorite repeating requests is, “I can’t remember my email password. Please email me a new password.”
  • Someone was complaining his PC wasn’t working at all. After going through the whole “have you checked cables and is it plugged in etc” he had me thinking he needed a new power supply or something. Then I heard someone in the background say, “I wonder how long the power outage will be this time.”
  • User calls saying mouse “isn’t working.” No problem says me… I grabbed a freshie & headed over. Upon arrival, user says, “And there’s that annoying red light shining in my eyes too!” I turned the mouse right-side-up and walked quickly out of earshot, promptly losing it with laughter!!!
  • I had a user come back from a 2 week vacation who reported that “everything is different”. She couldn’t really explain what was different though. Her computer had been off the whole time and nothing had changed at all. She’s a Mac user at home and I suspected the reason “everything is different” was because she didn’t look at a Windows machine for two weeks.
  • One day a user calls because her computer wouldn’t power on. OK, so I take the trip upstairs and sure enough no power to the CPU or monitor. I follow the power cords to a power strip, but I couldn’t see the power switch. A head of lettuce in a grocery bag had fallen from her desk onto the switch and turned it off. We still laugh about the ‘Death by Vegetable’ ticket…
  • “I had a user at my last job, who when it came time to reboot her computer would crawl under her desk, unplug every single cable, plug in every single cable, and come back up and tell me she rebooted. Even better when I had her log off and log on she did the same thing.”
  • Call from user: “my PC is screaming at me.” Found out the computer was beeping because the keyboard tray was holding several buttons down.
  • I got a ticket stating “user is requesting to be changed back to Google from Chrome”
  • Ticket #144: “myspacebarwillnotwork” – Description: “iwouldreallylikesomespacessoicanwork!”
  • It’s a big problem when users start mistaking a can of WD-40 for canned air… that keyboard was never the same. “It’s sooo oily!?” *facepalm*

We hope you enjoyed our funny help desk stories. We know that life can get rough in IT in the face of so much user error, but at least you’ve developed a great sense of humor to deal with it.. right?

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