When we talk about British humor, we think of the great satirists in English literature such as Samuel Johnson who described it as

“a poem in which wickedness or folly is censured.”

When we look at recent traumatic events in recent British life such as stalled Brexit talks and which risk the economy especially when it will have to recover from the COVID-10 pandemic.

We can also look at the negationists who behave so irresponsibly and put people’s lives at risk simply by refusing to wear a mask. This is what inspired me to write about the British government insisting that all people must wear hazmat suits! Of course, this is not true yet but it is a great way of mocking these people who refuse to collaborate in ending this deadly pandemic.

Instead of checking on impossible rules for gatherings, I wrote about the UK police force deciding to stay at home themselves which perhaps pushed home the surreal situation where it is impossible to enforce the rules set down by the British government.

A classic example of a government living is a fairytale existence and refusing to implement structures and policies to help people in more practical ways.

British humor on government and the monarchy.

In my book, The Brits Are Bonkers, you can read, giggle and laugh at British political satire. 

funny British humour

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