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Mark Twain said, “Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company” and I am here to give you both the climate and company.” 


Well, are you looking for more joy or you are here to relieve your stress?


Whatever it is, just take out your mask, like the one in the below picture and have a relaxing time, reading these short funny stories. 




Before we move on to the stories, let me tell you how these short stories are going to help you in your life.


1. Brings a smile to your face .


2. Increases your energy level.


3. A chemical change takes place in your body when you read or see a funny short story, which will help you reduce your stress.


4. Helps to recharge yourself.


5. Improves your sense of humor.


6. Stimulates your brain.


And please feel free to share a few more benefits that you get by reading short stories that are hilarious. And now, together let’s have a good laugh..


1. Disclaimer for this 1st funny short story :- “The judge is always rite”  


 Name of the story :- “The Googly Judge”


The young lady was furious when she entered the judge Bean’s room. And there was a young man who following her, with a fear stricken face. 


Bean asked the lady, What’s you problem? 


And the woman shouted, ” While I went to the shopping mall this morning, this outrageous man, whom I have not known before, just came and kissed me. And, I want justice from you, Mr. Bean”


“You thoroughly deserve justice, dear young lady,” Mr. Bean responded. 


“And I order, you can take your vengeance and justice by kissing him.”:)


2.  Thank you for your curiosity to read the 2nd humorous short story.


Name of the story :- “The Pope And His Driver”


His Holiness, “Pope” was traveling in his car and suddenly a thought came to his mind.


He shared the thought with his driver. Pope told the driver, “Today we shall play a game, where I will drive the car and you will sit in the back seat”. What do you feel?


As you thought, the driver was not willing to accept the Pope’s thought in the first place, but eventually he had to agree with the Pope.


Let’s see, what’s gonna happen now!!!


The Pope was all excited, because his one time dream of driving the car as a Pope was becoming a reality.


Pope drove the car at 160 km/hr where he thrashed all traffic rules, vehicles, sign boards and whatever came his way.


Message reached the security head office that a man is violating all traffic rules and thrashing all vehicles who is coming his way. Hearing this the security chief  called the City Traffic Police Commissioner and asked him, why they have not yet arrested the owner of the car.


Commissioner replied, “Sir, I think the man sitting in the car is a highly influential man, because he has got the Pope as his driver.”


3. I can see your smiling face and let’s move on to the 3rd story.


Name of the story:- “Find The Right Cover”


 A boy sitting in the class, tapped his pen on the desk while farting, because he wanted to …….


“You did a brilliant job in covering up the sound”, said the Teacher, “but next time please find a way to cover up the smell as well”


4. You are going to see the wisdom of Birbal in this 4th funny short story. 


Name of the story:- “Past is Present”


 Once a friend asked Birbal, “How old are you?”


“I am 48″. said Birbal.


The friend got a little perplexed, because this was the same answer that he got when he asked the same question 10 years back and he said the same thing to Birbal.


Birbal said, “You are rite my dear friend, I always stand by what I have said.”


5. The 5th funny short story is a classic, by Osho.


Name of the story:- “The man who shaved and never shaved.”


A lady, seeing Osho’s beard, asked him “I think you don’t take a shave, do you?”


The lady got the most shocking and unbelievable response of her life – Osha said, “I shave around 30 times a day!”


“You must be having a special hormone that helps grow beard or you must be a psycho!”, the lady asked.


“Not at all”, replied Osho. “I am a seasoned barber”.


6. Mulla Nasrudin and his funny short stories is like salt and pepper. So the 6th story is from Mulla.


Name of the story:- “What do you call a baby dog?”


While Nasrudin was visiting a new town, a man asked him, “What’s the word for ‘baby dog’ in your village?


Nasrudin was not able to recollect word, so he replied, “Where I’m from we don’t call a baby dog anything. We wait until it grows up and then we call it a dog.”


7. Sometimes people ask you funny questions and the 7th funny short story is all about answering in the most funniest manner.


Name of the story:- “The Smart Patient”


Patient: “Doctor, I feel, I am not able to remember things.”


Doctor:- “When did it start?”


Patient:- “Hmm, If I knew that why would I ever come to you?”;)


You can share your funny stories that you have had in your life or the one story that is close to your heart through our comments section.


Please spread more smiles , by sharing these funny short stories on your favorite social media as well.


Photo Courtesy: Reuben Varghese